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Looking Good Even When You're Bad

Posted by Eryn of PR on June 2, 2011 at 10:17 PM

-Looking Good Even When You're Bad-


The difference between criminal activity and brilliance is perception and perception is based on what we see and hear. As head of the Traveling Tyrant's PR division, my job is to make Mordid look good, even when he's bad, or acting like an idiot as he often does. One would think being master of the company would imply a certain level of intelligence, but day by day I do wonder if blind-luck trumps mental aptitude.

Where was I?

Right, looking pretty. It's all about turning a tragedy into triumph. I'll give you an example.

Earth Government Headlines - Vile Upper-Arm mercenaries establish dictatorship on defenseless planet- millions dead, millions enslaved and world-wide devastation.

Dreadful? Not with a little alteration of point of view.

Traveling Tyrant Memo - The riots on Galthior have ended, the rightful government is back in power and the future shows signs of full employment and lots of growth in the construction industry.

So take it from me, turn your actions and your day into a PR celebration of your accomplishments, even if those accomplishments involve acts of barbarism so intense that you wake up every night staring at the ceiling mouthing the words, 'what have I done?'.

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Reply Mauss
10:32 PM on June 2, 2011 
I'd advise employees of the Traveling Tyrant to take what the woman has to say with a bit of caution. If you like to me -I will find out. So, the next time a reactor on level 6 is about to go critical, do not report in, 'it's sunny down here in the engine room'.
Reply Mordid
10:37 PM on June 2, 2011 
Brilliant advice to the employees, though the tirade about 'idiot tyrants' I shall attribute them to the man who 'used' to hold the title.

Me? I never fail. Check out every image of me. Awesome. Check out every film of me. Also awesome. Check out every article (in the fleet) and you will see that once again I am a paragon of awesome. I find if you say something often enough, people tend to believe it. And if they still resists- I shoot them.
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