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Richard Marsden

Posts: 11

The first book can be purchased from the Home Page and the Company store.

There are items for sale with the 'Leave Me Alone' snake of the Upper-Arm. Show you dangerous love for freedom with a t-shirt or mug!

As the artists finish logos for the other factions there will be more products.

Are you an artists with a flair for making propaganda? Want to get paid for your work? Email the Traveling Tyrant at TravelingTyrant(at)

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Richard Marsden

Posts: 11

Check the company store out, plenty of products and more on the way!

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Posts: 1

The second novel is out dictating the glories of Mordid.

Go to the Home page and enjoy it.

In the Company Store we have plenty of new products, such as Tyrant Boxers. You of course all need those, don't you? 

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