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The galaxy can be a confusing place and we wish to make it easier to understand. Learn about the various systems, planets and governments.

Earth Space

The region of space controlled directly by Earth Government is known as, conveniently enough, Earth Space. Earth is ruled by a democratic alliance of former-nations which unified in a mostly bloodless process before the discovery of transdrive. Mexico was the last of Earth's nations to join Earth Government and required military force to do so in the 'War of Mexican Resistance'. 

Earth Government's seat of power is located in New Delhi. The galactic court is also located there and by law all of humanity answers to the court of New Delhi. However, in reality Earth Government's power barely extends into Corporate Space and not at all into the wild region known as the Upper Arm.

Earth Government recognizes no religion, stating in its charter that individuals may choose their own form of faith. However, the Catholic Church was all-but dismantled during the 'War of Mexican Resistance'. An Earth Government approved Pope was appointed after the war though rumors persist that there is a 'True Pope' outside of Earth Space.

Earth Government's military is, by necessity, large. Humanity has faced challenges both internal and external, including less-than-friendly contact with alien species. Lately, Earth Government forces have been making their presence known in Corporate Space as a result of the 'Market War'.

Motto : Unity-Prosperity-Equality

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Life Expectancy


Food for the Children -Save the Upper Arm-

Wealth and the Corruption of the Corporate Worlds

Earth Government Brings Justice

Unity Prosperity Equality

The Laws of Earth are YOUR laws too

No Guns for Outlaws

Accidental Release  (Clearly they didn't want this one getting out) 

Corporate Space

After the discovery of transdrives as a cheap and effective way of inter-stellar travel, humanity spread and colonized numerous worlds. After an initial, expensive and less-than successful colonization attempt of nearby systems, Earth Government allowed companies under approved charters to explore and dominate regions of space. After a century of colonization a huge number of planets are within what is known as Corporate Space. Technically, Corporate Space is no different than Earth Space. However, the companies within Corporate Space are incredibly wealthy and boast not only entire planets under their rule, but military forces as well. Issues unable to be resolved in the court of New Delhi are often settled with clandestine warfare.

After the destructive 'Market War' caused serious disruption to the prosperity of Earth itself, the presence of Earth Government within Corporate Space has dramatically increased. Gradually, Corporate forces are being reduced in size, but this has not entirely put a stop to violence between the inter-stellar corporations.

Life in the Corporate Worlds varies. Planets close to Earth Space tend to resemble Earth in terms of personal liberty and prosperity. Worlds father away are less ideal, with issues of wage-slavery, environmental catastrophe, and violent labor disputes not being uncommon. 

The unofficial banner of the Corporate Worlds is a black flag with the letter C, for corporation and the Chinese and Hindi symbols for the same. 

Motto: Profit Awaits! 

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The Upper Arm

The Upper Arm is the region of space farthest away from Earth and its rule. The Upper Arm consists of worlds colonized without a charter from Earth Government and are therefore illegal and under no protection whatsoever other than their own. Worlds within the Upper Arm range from corporate run planets where unethical and immoral activities takes place, to settlements ruled by despots, to communities that desire to be simply left alone.

A unique feature of the Upper Arm are the Mercenary Fleets. Both large and small military forces roam the Upper Arm selling their services or engaging in outright piracy. Some of these fleets are rumored to be funded by the Corporate Worlds, who are gradually losing their legal ability to maintain military forces in the face of an ever-growing Earth Government. Others are surely independent organizations out to make a profit at anyone's expense while they can.

Mercenary fleets have on numerous occasions conducted operations within Corporate Space to the point that Earth Government has decreed all such non-charter entities as pirates.

Our company is based in the Upper Arm and we would like you to not take Earth Government's threats too seriously. If there was no need for us we wouldn't exist. We are here to help you!  

The Upper-Arm hosts a variety of cultures, ranging from dissident Mexicans to independent-minded colonists to greedy corporations acting outside Earth Government's law. In every case, the people of the Upper-Arm desired to be left alone by both their wealthy neighbors, and their distant relatives on Earth.

Motto: Go Away!

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Intelligent alien life does exist and is, as Earth scientists have always maintained, rare. The Bagooly for instance are spindly, small humanoids who dwell within Corporate Space. They are famed for their high culture and interpretive dance abilities as well as an unproven accidental invasion at the hands of an Upper Arm mercenary fleet.

Other aliens are not so friendly, including slime-coated creatures with too many teeth and aliens who have yet to make formal contact with humanity other than through shooting high-powered weaponry.

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