The Traveling Tyrant

Fixing Galactic Problems for the Right Price


David Auchampach = David programmed the "Paradisa Lost" flash-game. For your gaming design needs contact David through his website at

Andrew Huang = Andrew did the music for  The Traveling Tyrant including the theme song and anthem. Contact him for all your musical needs at

Cheyenne Kellis = Cheyenne designed the cover of the book, "Paradisa Lost", along with Jane Lacson. Cheyenne can be contracted for art here!


Stephanie Gianopoulos = Editor of the Traveling Tyrant series and space-pirate mercenary. She can be contacted for her editing (or piracy) here.

Library of the Living Dead = The 'Library' published the Traveling Tyrant: "Paradisa Lost" and their website can be found at

Richard Marsden = Richard Marsden is the author of the Traveling Tyrant: "Paradisa Lost" and his website and other works can be found at